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    Credibility is the cultivation of I, but also to ensure the success of all undertakings. Every employee at work should have the professionalism to achieve excellence in all things, fulfill their duties, must not fraud; colleagues should be honest, letter to the intersection, mutual learning and common progress of the company adhere to the law in the course of business work, integrity Ye.
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    Innovation is the eternal theme of human progress, but also the development of the company. Our premise is that innovation to meet customer demand, which requires all of us work together to create solutions to our customers, constant innovation, innovation in everything, everyone and innovation.
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    The company's development is inseparable from the community's concern and support, the company always adhere to the principle of sharing, hope to achieve the same employees and companies struggle to grow and share the fruits of victory. Companies adhere to meet customer demand throughout the business process, continuing to enhance customer satisfaction, achieve win-win situation.
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    Zhejiang Silibo Sleep Technology Limited Company (Stock Code: 835910) is a multi-latitude sleep product development enterprise, which takes scientific sleep as carrier and includes several categories like sleep, intelligence, network and culture. As the first domestic company which successfully landed in the financial market, Silibo focuses on the field of scientific and peaceful sleep and integrates research, design, development and marketing as a whole.

    AiSleep, a brand under the Company,, is committed to ergonomic study and well-sleep products processing production. It strives for expanding natural material-drawing scope of new product materials to make each product conform to ergonomics and sleep habit. AiSleep has established a comprehensive system including pillow, mattress and technological sleep product. It also establishes a multi-channel marketing system through business chain, airline company, financial system and e-commerce. AiSleep attaches importance to experiences of 5 million purchasing users and productivity created by 2 billion purchasing market feedbacks. Brand laboratory establishes a strategic cooperation with military medical institute, university key laboratory and professional design institution in order to gradually optimize and innovate well-sleep products.

        The Company is committed to reshaping the Chinese sleep industry structure, taking internet platform as the market core, integrating comprehensive resources, creating scientific sleep leading brand and bringing brand-new healthy sleep experience to hundreds of millions of Chinese families.